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At Craigieburn Physiotherapy Centre, our team of experts implement the most most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment techniques, and are proud to provide the highest quality physiotherapy services to the local community.

Our Services


Our team of experienced physiotherapists are able to provide all manner of therapy services. These include hydrotherapy programs (or aquatic physiotherapy) for severe injuries or those that require patients to be non-weight bearing.

Dry Needling

Similar to acupuncture, we’ve found that dry needling is effective in healing many injuries. When combined with other treatment, it can help to actually accelerate pain reduction, healing and the restoring of normal function.


Manipulative Physiotherapy involves the physical movement and mobilisation of the joints, spine and/or soft tissue in order to manage neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Our staff are highly trained to provide the most comfortable and effective treatment techniques.

Exercise Programs

We support patients wherever possible. This may mean having them undertake exercise programs in our remedial gym, or setting them up with an exercise routine that they can do at home. These will also include stretching and/or strengthening regimes.

Strapping and Support

Prevention of injuries is just important as the treatments we provide. We provide a range of different strapping and support techniques in order to help patients reduce pain and injury, particularly while playing sports or engaging in activities that may aggravate a weakness or injury.

Worksite Assessments

If issues in a patient’s workplace have caused their injuries or discomfort, our team of experienced physios are qualified to conduct on-site workplace assessments in order to determine the exact reasons why this may have occurred, and if it's safe for workers.

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